Exor Robotics Summer Camp

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

This summer, your kid can discover technology at a prestigious company at Exor Robotics for the students ages 7–18 will:

• Learn programming, robotics and more

• Use the same software and hardware as industry pros

• Meet friends from all around the world

• Get prepared for school, college, internships, and careers

• Learn from impressive instructors in the industry

“Real world experiential learning prepares your child remarkably well for any environment.”

Founded in 2013 at Pondicherry, Exor Robotics has delivered more than 500 products and has trained more than 5000 students in Embedded Systems and Robotics. With the highest standards of excellence and safety, Exor Robotics program teaches the importance of robotics in a unique blended learning environment. After reviewing a few of these Robotic Summer Camps, we have realized that Exor Robotics is among the best options for tech summer programs. So, does your child show an interest in robotics, or coding? Do you wish that they would? Then the Exor Robotics Summer Camp just may be the best place for them this year.

So, what is the Exor Robotics Summer Camp?

Exor Robotics offers summer camps for kids and teens between the ages of 7 and 18 years. These camps focus on nurturing interest in science and technology. Students are given an opportunity to learn in a university setting and are taught by STEM professionals.The camps focus on areas such as programming, robotics and other STEM-related programs.

Find a Summer Camp Near You?

Are you always struggling to find a good summer camp near you for your kids? Or maybe you want a camp that you can send the kids to and out of the house for a few weeks over the summer? Whichever option you would like, Exor Robotics can meet it. Visit our website 

Ready to invest in the best for your child this summer?

Give your kids something that is educational and fun this 2019 summer. Help them embrace their love for science and technology by enrolling them in the Exor Robotics Summer Camp program.

Register soon to avoid the waitlist—courses are selling out quickly. 
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